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Micro Node 1400


The First Data Secure Transport® MicroNodeTM 1400 is a simple and cost-effective solution for
petroleum/C-store operators who currently use asynchronous dial-up or satellite communications
for transaction processing. The MicroNode 1400 device can be used by both stand-alone point-of-sale (POS) terminals and POS store systems to connect to the Secure Transport Internet-based Transaction Delivery Network. The MicroNode 1400 device allows store operators to migrate their payment transactions from multiple single-use telecommunication lines, servicing their POS terminals and serial devices, to one broadband connection. For certified POS systems, no changes
are required in order to integrate with the MicroNode 1400 device. Store operators can enjoy the improved performance of IP connectivity while eliminating the cost of dedicated dial-up lines or satellite data service. Lower your business costs by implementing a seamless, scalable and high-speed alternative to your existing communications infrastructure.

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  • Supports multiple POS terminal devices
  • Simple to deploy
  • Configured and managed remotely
  • Provides dial-backup capability
  • Supports SSL encryption
  • Secure Transport Network is Visa® CISP certified and MasterCard® SDP compliant
  • Transactions are re-encrypted using a 512-bit encryption within the Secure Transport Network
  • Multi-layers of protection from Denial of Service attacks
  • Every transaction monitored in real time
  • Certified and supported on the Atlanta Concord/BuyPass® network
  • Fully secure and managed, high speed and cost-effective


  • Eliminates dedicated dial-up lines
  • Fast transaction times
  • Allows use of site operator’s existing Internet access for POS transaction transport
  • Provides dial-backup capability with automatic rollover
  • Extends site operator’s investment in POS terminals and store systems
  • No long-term commitment required
  • Access to network via broadband or dial ISP connections

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