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Revolutionary Clover™ POS Station


Clover™ Station is a next-generation control system that radically simplifies your business. It helps you track inventory, manage employees, and gain customer insight to build stronger, lasting customer relationships, and accept payments with ease.

Comes with Everything You Need

Clover™ Station arrives pre-loaded with everything you need to accept payments and run your business more efficiently.

Its cloud-based software enables you to manage your inventory, track revenues, and generate reports – empowering you to see inside your operations.

Automatically track inventory, build transaction records, update software, and safeguard your customer’s card data all with one simple to use program.

Clover™ even allows you to start building long lasting customer relationships by introducing opt-in loyalty programs, and with the Clover App Market, you can continue to grow your system’s capabilities.

The Clover Station POS System can evolve with your business for years to come, making it a great investment for growing businesses.

If you have a Terminus Payments | POS Merchandise merchant account or would like to order the Clover Solution call us today at (800) 918-8330