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intelligentClover POS is a revolutionary next-generation point-of-sale system built for businesses like yours.

The Clover Station is a fully operational cloud based point of sale system featuring an 11.6” touchscreen tablet with matching cash drawer and receipt printer. In addition to the installed software, the Clover Station can access the Clover App Market in which merchants can download specific applications to the device. From modern details to the software inside, the Clover Station is built to perform.

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clover-miniClover Mini

The Clover Mini is a redesigned credit card terminal ready to meet the needs of a modern business. It performs all the standard functions of a credit card terminal, as well as, accept Apple Pay (and other contactless payments), EMV Chip Cards, and gift cards. The 7” touchscreen allow customers to intuitively interact with the device while capturing signatures and allows merchants to customize it with applications from the Clover App Market.


Clover Mobile

The Clover Mobile lets merchants take the point of sales system on the go. It features a 7” touch screen, barcode scanner, and card swiper, so merchants can bring the payment terminal to his or her customers.

Clover Mini is Great For

  • Retailers for “line busting” or inventory scanning
  • Restaurants for paying at the table
  • Mobile service professionals

With three sleek, sophisticated devices to choose from, there’s a Clover solution to suit any business. Your system is ready to go right out of the box and remarkably easy to use. A high-resolution touchscreen interface puts everything at your fingertips. Because Clover is integrated with a Merchant Services account from Terminus Payments | POS Merchandise, you can count
on all the expertise and support you need from a single team.


Now Introducing Clover Go

sams_clover_go_mainAn easy-to-use electronic reader providing a fast and secure way to accept credit and signature debit payments virtually anywhere your business takes you – using your own smartphone or tablet.

Clover® GoAccept payments on the go. Whether you’re at the farmer’s market or in your food truck, Clover Go makes it easy to be where your customers are. Accept major credit and debit cards, record cash and check transactions right from your smartphone or tablet.

This easy-to-use mobile app and card reader are fast, reliable, EMV®-compliant, and features TransArmor® Data Protection3, a dual layer of security that helps protect card data so you can accept payments with confidence. And you get all the support and service you need from Terminus Payments | POS Merchandise.

Change the way you accept payments – and the way you do business – with Clover.

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