Global Thermal Paper Shortage


There is a major global shortage of thermal paper. This is resulting from the world's primary supplier of leuco dye (a material required in the production of thermal paper) being shut down due to environmental issues. As a result, this has created a shortage and limited supplies have significantly raised cost of paper. Which have already increased more than 20 percent and will likely continue in early 2019.

As the leader in the industry, TERMINUS PAYMENTS | POS MERCHANDISE has been able to secure the necessary supply to continue providing a consistent volume of products for our loyal customers - but, unfortunately, at rapidly escalating prices.  As always, we appreciate your continued business and support. We will continue to provide our customers with the knowledge that allows your business the ability to plan and budget accordingly. We are hoping this is a temporary issue which will likely be resolved in early 2019, at which time prices will come back down to traditional levels.