Global Thermal Paper Shortage Updates And Information

Global Thermal Paper Shortage Updates And Information

Posted by Terminus Payments | POS Merchandise on Dec 25th 2018

The receipt paper industry continues to face cost pressures due to the ongoing market challenges (a critical shortage of leuco dye, reduced production, the rising cost of wood pulp, and transportation and labor, etc.)

In the last month, we have received price increases from virtually all our supplier base. The largest providers of thermal receipt paper have each made public market increase announcements which were effective October 1st, 2018 (see letters below). Each supplier has referenced these same variables as the cause for the increase. Bond paper continues to be limited as the effects of reduced production impacts the supply availability. We have incurred price increases from all major bond paper mill sources (see letters below).

As a result, Terminus Payments | POS Merchandise will be forced to implement a 4-6% price increase on the following paper and label products, effective with all shipments as of November 12, 2018:

  • All thermal paper
  • All bond paper 

We thank you for your continued support of Terminus Payments | POS Merchandise. Our team is committed to keeping you updated with ongoing market conditions. As always, please call or email us with any questions.

Thermal Paper Mills:

Bond Paper Mills: