The Clover Station Has Arrived

The Clover Station replaces the cash register and helps small business owners run their business like the big guys! Set up in minutes Your Clover Station comes out of the box configured just for you and ready to take payments with a simple setup – no IT consultant required! To get even more from Clover,

First Data Launches Clover Online Store, An All-In-One eCommerce Solution

For many people, their first interaction with a company is a virtual connection. That first impression – typically in the form of a website – says a lot about a business and must convey professionalism, competence, and security. Small business owners understand the importance of an online presence, but the thought of building and maintaining

Revolutionary Clover® POS Empowers Small Business Owners

Partnering with a leader in the payments industry creates the long term relationships needed to create a sustainable business. At Terminus Payments we believe that working hand to hand with our merchants is the easiest way to stay on top of the market regarding technology, new regulations and legal implications to anyone with a business merchant

Why Use Cleaning Cards?

Cleaning cards are used for the purposes of preventing expensive maintenance and replacement costs, eliminating or minimizing failed transactions, which result in frustrated and unsatisfied merchants/customers, and to ensure overall reliability. Cleaning cards are fast, economical and simple means of removing dirt, dust, oils and other contaminates from the POS equipment. Convenience and Grocery Debit/Credit

PCI Compliance Is Mandatory. Are You Compliant?

Since 2005, there have more than 1 billion stolen records in over 2,000 separate incidents. In most cases, thieves were seeking payment card data.* Clearly, it is imperative that businesses do all they can to protect their payment systems from fraud. If you think your business is too small for thieves to target, think again.

Clover Station allows your customers track delivery orders in real-time!

          We're thrilled to announce Clover Station's brand new functionality: delivery driver management and real-time delivery tracking. From now on, your customers will know where their food is, in real-time. Once a driver takes possession of the order, they will receive a text message with a link to a map-based tracking view

Multiple Layers of Security

Keep hackers away with a comprehensive security strategy The more layers of security, the better the protection from hackers. The TransArmor solution offers the ultimate security against fraud. Click below to enlarge the infographic.

The ABC’s of EMV™

EMV is a fraud-reducing technology that can help protect issuers, merchants and consumers against losses from the use of counterfeit and lost or stolen payment cards at the point-of-sale.  Data Security EMV cards are embedded with a microprocessor or smart chip that interacts with the merchant’s point-of-sale device to make sure that the payment card